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Amba Villas Palace - Mysore A city of royal palaces, sandalwood and incense, Mysore has a pleasant climate, some beautiful parks and wide, tree-lined boulevards. There is a quaint charm here, a dignified hangover from the days when it was the capital of a rich and princely state. The town is still dominated by its Maharajah's Palace which was built over a period of 15 years at the turn of the 20th century at a cost of over Rs 4 million. This astonishing Indo-Saracenic palace is testament to the affluence of one of India's wealthy ruling families.

Being less hectic than many Indian cities and also due to its pleasant climate, it is an enchanting place to soak up the atmosphere of an old-fashioned charm that has endured over the years. It is also the place to admire and buy some of India's richest silks and sandalwood products as well as exploring some of its many fascinating markets.

During the 10-day Dussehra Festival, held here during the first half of October, the entire city is dressed up and shows-off in style; each night Mysore Palace is lit up by 80,000 bulbs, and on the final evening of festivities, the Maharajah himself leads one of the country's most spectacular processions through the city streets.

Chamundi Hills - Mysore Chamundi Hills
The backdrop of the city is the 1,100-feet-high Chamundi Hill. On the top of the hill stands the temple dedicated to the Goddess Chamundeshwari, the royal family's patron deity. To reach the temple one can either drive through the 13-km stretch up or climb the 1,000 stone steps. Halfway up along the stone steps stands the majestic 4.8-metre monolith of Nandi the Bull, Lord Shiva's chosen mount. The statue is believed to be 300 years old and itschief attraction, apart from its size, is the meticulous craftsmanship of its ornaments.
Srirangapatnam - MysoreSrirangapatnam
About 15 km from the royal city of Mysore lies the town of Srirangapatnam. One of the interesting places here are the summer palace of Tipu Sultan built in 1784 in the Indo-Saracenic style. The palace also has a small museum where Tipu's trivia, including a gold-embroidered tunic, old paintings and a coin collection, are displayed. A little away from the palace is the Gumbaz, the mausoleum of Tipu Sultan and his father, Hyder Ali.
Brindawan Gardens - Mysore Brindawan Gardens
A half-hour's drive from the city takes to the Brindavan Gardens. The well-manicured steps of these world famous terrace gardens are bordered by watercourses. Musical fountains with soft coloured lights adds delightto the visitor's eyes.
Lalitha Mahal Palace - Mysore Lalitha Mahal Palace
The Lalitha Mahal was built in the 1930s The main attraction of the palace is a staircase of Italian marble branching off from a landing to reach the first floor hall. Surrounded by velvety green lawns and stately trees, the Lalitha Mahal is now a prestigious hotel of the India Tourism Development Corporation.
Mysore Palace - MysoreMysore Palace
Built in around AD 897 in Saracenic style, the Mysore palace has both Hindu as well as Muslim influences. The palace, designed by an English architect and completed in 1912, was built in place of an earlier palace which was burnt down in 1897. The central hall, incredible in its beauty, was used for marriages and other major gatherings. The Dussehra procession, starts from here. The palace also houses a museum which has a collection of musical instruments, children's toys, many paintings, costumes, weapons, etc., belonging to the Maharaja's family.

General Information

By Air : Bangalore has the nearest domestic as well as international airport (140 km)
By Rail : Mysore is connected by rail to major cities
By Road : Bangalore (140 km), Belur (149 km), Halebid (161 km)
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