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V G P Golden Park and Amusement Beach Formerly called Madras, the capital of Tamil Nadu is a teeming, sprawling, bustling metropolis which established on the site of a fishing village in 1639 as the first British settlement in India.

The city has a strange mix of British Raj-era monuments, Portuguese churches, Hindu temples, and one of the longest urban beaches on earth. One of its big attractions - Kanchipuram, city of "a thousand temples" - is a day excursion away, while the region's most celebrated tourist attraction, the Shore Temples, lie 1 hour south at Mamallapuram, a spectacular World Heritage Site.

Marina Beach - Chennai Marina beach
Welcome to the longest beach of India, Marina Beach, comprising of golden sand, good surf and a shimmering clean blue sea. This beach is counted among one of the longest beaches in Asia. Its 12-km long stretch was made beautiful by the wonderful facelift given by Governor Mountstuart Elphinstone Grant Duff in the early 1880's, and is Chennai's major tourist attraction today.
Kapleshwar Temple - ChennaiKapaleeswarar Temple
This Lord Shiva temple is little more that 350 years old, is considered by Hindus to be one of the most sacred sites in Southern Part of India. It displays the architectural elements of gopurams, mandapams and a tank found in the famous temples.
Bharatanatyam Classical Dance Bharatanatyam
Bharatanatyam is a classical dance form originating from Tamil Nadu, a state in Southern India. This popular South Indian dance form called Bharatanatyam is a 20th century reconstruction of Cathir, the art of temple dancers. Cathir in turn, is derived from ancient dance forms. The word Bharata, some believe, signifies the author of the famous Sanskrit treatise on stagecraft, called NatyaShastra, and the word Bharatanatyam is sometimes given a folk etymology as follows:Bha for Bhava or abhinaya and expression, Ra for raga or melody, and Ta for tala or rhythm.
National Art Gallery - Chennai National Art Gallary
On display in this pink sandstone-faced building are 11th and 12th century Indian handicrafts, 17th century Deccan paintings, 16th to 18th century Mughal and Rajasthani paintings and 10th and 13th century bronzes.

The National Art Gallery was based on an Henry Irwin design and was built in 1907, by T. Namberumal Chetty. The building itself is one of the finest pieces of period architecture in the city. Inspired by Mughal architectural motifs, the design work is most impressively showcased on the facade.
Parathasarty Temple - Chennai Parthsarthy Temple
The Parathasarthy temple, built originally by the Pallava kings in the 8th century, they were renovated under Vijayanagar empire in16th century. Situated in Triplicane, a beach in Chennai, a major harbour during Pallavas, the temple is famed for the splendor of its gopuram (arched gateway) and its marvelous architecture. The entire locality is designed around the temple.
Santhome Cathedral - Chennai Santhome Cathedral
Built over the last resting place of missionary St. Thomas, the Santhome Cathedral is an significant pilgrimage centre. As per o legends, St. Thomas came to India via Palestine in AD 52 and died 26 year later. The church was built a millennium later probably by Christian trader from Persia, and his remains were moved inside. The church was made into a cathedral in 1606 and then in 1806, it was again rebuilt as a basilica. The museum in its premises has a 16th-century map of South Asia.
Fort St. George - Chennai Fort St. George
The most powerful icon of British Empire in its initial days in India, Fort St. George was the first real estate for British traders in India. For many, it is still uncertain that why Sir Day, the founder preferred this place to build instead many other scenic locations on the long coastline of the Bay of Bengal. The grey granite exterior of the fort is unlike the the heavely ornamented Mughal forts. It housed barracks for the British army, the oldest church of Chennai-the St. Mary/'s Church.
Snake Park - Chennai Snake Park
The Snake Park, in the Guindy National Park, is located in the Raj Bhavan Estate. The park has a large group of snakes and many other reptiles.
Theosophical Society - Chennai Theosophical Society
The Theosophical Society, founded in New York in 1875 by Madam Blavatsky and Colonel Olcott moved its headquarters to Chennai in 1882. Set in large and tranquil gardens, having several shrines of different faiths, the park also has a serene Garden of Remembrance.
Kalakshetra - Chennai Kalakshetra
Kalakshetra, situated 1 km from the Theosophical Society, was established by Rukmini Devi Arundale to revive Indian classical arts and crafts traditions.

General Information

By Air : Chennai has a domestic as well as an international airport
By Rail : Connected by rail to major cities
By Road : Mahabalipuram (58 km), Pondicherry (162 km)
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