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Taj Mahal of Bhopal Bhopal is the capital city of Madhya Pradesh. The city is an important tourist destination and you can easily spend a wonderful holiday in the historically important city. The city is well equipped and welcomes all the tourists to come and explore the land of history and culture.

Bhopal is not the land where you will find the civilization restricted to one sect but you will definitely spot the other religious sects and the old monuments that will give you the detailed significance of the city. The city was founded by Raja Bhoja in 11th century and that made the city to grow and flourish in the by gone days. You can locate the evidence from the ruins that still illustrates the story of the glorious pasts.

Birla Temple - Bhopal Birla Temple
LAXMI NARAYAN TEMPLE, or Birla Mandir, is situated on the Arera Hills south of the Lower Lake. A museum near the temple houses a collection of sculptures from Sehore, Raisen, Mandsaur and Shahdol districts. These sculptures are mainly of Vishnu, Shiva, and their consorts and incarnations.
Moti Masjid - BhopalMoti Masjid
Built in 1860 by Qudsia Begum's, daughter Sikander Jahan Begum, Moti Masjid has striking similarity of style to Delhi's Jama Masjid, though it is smaller in size. It has two dark red minarets which are crowned by golden spikes.
Taj-ul Masjid - Bhopal Taj-ul Masjid
Taj-ul Masjid, among the largest mosques in India, was started under Shah Jahan Begum's reign (1868-1901) but only after the Indian government's intervened in 1971 that the mosque was completed. Today, this enormous pink mosque having two massive white-domed minarets houses a madarsa (religious school). The three-day annual Ijtima (congregation) draws people from all over the country.
Sas-Bahu Temple - Gwalior Shaukat Mahal
At the entrance of the Chowk area, in the centre of the city, lies Shaukat Mahal. The European styles of construction of the monument sets it apart from other predominantly Islamic architecture of the area.
Sadar Manzil - Bhopal Sadar Manzil
The elegant Sadar Manzil, the public audience hall of the former rulers of Bhopal is situated very close to Shaukat Mahal.
Upper and Lower Lakes - Bhopal Upper and Lower Lakes
Covering an area of about 6 sq. km, the Upper lake and the Lower Lake are separated by an over bridge. Motorboats are available for exciting trips on the Upper Lake. The zoo called Van Vihar, is adjacent to the lake and has tiger, leopard, lion, bear and other animals., The fish-shaped aquarium, near the Lower Lake, houses a number of fascinating aquatic species.
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