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Alwar Alwar with its historic fort, palaces & beautiful gardens offers an unforgettable experience.

Alwar, among the Rajput principalities was the closest to imperial Delhi. People of this region were daring adventurers. In 1771, Pratap Singh belonging to the same clan as the one which ruled Jaipur, won Alwar from Mughals and founded a principality of his own. A historic and eminent fort guards its highest hill and is reminiscent of a regal way of life.

The city has a rich natural heritage with some beautiful lakes and picturesque valleys thickly wooded in parts. Some of the finest variety of birds and animals are spotted here.

Alwar Fort - Alwar Alwar Fort
Alwar Fort is said to have been built in the 16th century and was later taken over by Rana Pratap Singh in 1775. However opinion differs amongst the historians about how it was conquered. Some say it was never besieged but passed over from one ruler to the other through signing of treaties. Jahangir is said to have spend a night here and to commemorate that a hall in the fort has been named as Salim Hall. The Fort is said to have been built by Nikumbh Rajput in 928 A.D.
City Palace - AlwarCity Palace
City Palace, Alwar, was set up by Raja Bakhtayar Singh in 1793 A.D. It is a perfect blend of Indo Islamic architecture. This imposing structure has a central courtyard has a lotus flower base constructed in marble. In its hay days it is said to have housed some of the great Mughal kings like Babar and Jahangir.
Red Fort - Agra Shiva Temple
According to history, this place was once the capital of the Bargujar tribe of the Rajputs and was known by the name of Rajor or Rajorgarh. There were as many as 360 temples out here. Each was nothing short of a gem carved in stone. Following the havoc unleashed upon them by Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb, most of them were destroyed. Only a few of the temples could survive those destructive raids. And of these particularly mention worthy is the Shiva Temple. In all probability it dates back to the 10th century as is evident from the mark 1010 clearly visible on the figure of Ganesha but in spite of being more than thousand years old it has still retained much of its former magnificence.
Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary - Alwar Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary
The Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary located in Rajasthan's Alwar District and covering a large area of 800 square kilometers is visited by a large number of tourists each year. This is because it is very conveniently located being close to some of the major cities in the country like Delhi and Jaipur.

In the year 1958, the Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary was declared a wildlife sanctuary. Later in the year 1979, it became a tiger reserve under the Project Tiger. The park remains open throughout the year but wildlife lovers should visit it in the summer which is the best season for watching animals.

General Information

By Air : Jaipur (150 km), Delhi (170 km). Charter flights / helicopters can be arranged
By Rail : Alwar
By Road : Delhi (170 km), Jaipur (150 km)
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